Frequently Asked Questions About AnimalHumanConnection

  1. Why do most people automatically say Human Animal Connection?  As humans we tend to think the world revolves around us. However, we wanted to shift the word order to Animal Human Connection as our focus (meaning our mindful intention, not our dog Focus) is to share the vast array of knowledge that animals can teach on how to be better citizens of the mother earth.                                                      Benefit to you: You can trust us to put the empathize on the animal advocacy rather than the human profit.                                                                                                                                                             
  2.  Why are you starting a business when you are 72 and 77 years old? Why aren’t you playing bridge or whining about your aches and pains? Because we (Dwain and Judy) are vital, strong and smart examples of “you are never…” Never too old, too fat, too young, too broke, too sick, too whatever! It is never too late to do fun things that bring you joy and money. People are waiting for what you and we have to bring them. We are the new kind of grandparents. We are not content to take the kids to Disneyland, we want to teach them to set goals and always be caring and sharing as well as learning and earning. We want to model how kind and thoughtful people can share a message of hope that will resonate with like-minded people.  This waiting audience will be willing to support and reward the opportunity to discover the wisdom gleaned from years of research and life lessons.

Benefit to you:  If you have wanted to have your own business, write a book, do a video, teach a class or anything else that is niggling around in your brain–we stand as witnesses of "Just Do It"

  1. What do you mean by a “legacy family foundation?We are laying a foundation for a family business that will not be dependent on us personally. This business is similar to Paul Newman's."Newman's Own"   Our family, much like yours, has a tradition of helping those less fortunate.  This is a vehicle which can allow us to more readily share in our blessings.                                                                                                                                                    In our family structure, we have numerous children and grandkids who are animal advocates and will be ready to benefit and enhance this business when the time is right. The programs, products and animal guides are “evergreen” meaning they will not go out of season. Judy’s books will continue to earn passive income for many years. Each family member or in-law will bring his or her own unique vision and expertise to the fold.

As parents and grandparents our greatest success in life has been that our children and their children like themselves and each other. They are successful in their chosen careers and relationships and of course we are proud of them.

Benefit to you:  www.AnimalHumanConnection.com  will become your go-to site for accurate information, honest reviews and connections.  We do the research, you gain the rewards.

  1. Have you always had family businesses? Yes and occasionally at the time, the kids resented the obligations and working closely with family. Their buddies were off getting in trouble and they were painting rental houses to flip, delivering packages, or selling nuts at art shows. In retrospect we all realize what a blessing it was to share, mentor and teach life lessons together. But, it is a funny thing about family businesses; it teaches kids the 3 R’s of Judy’s book Kids, Chores & More   Respect, Resiliency and Responsibility.

Also we asked our adult kids and their kids; “How would you rather have us using our time, talents & treasure in retirement; building a business for you or us spending our time being nosy about your personal affairs?

Yep, it was a mutual decision. Start a new business!

Benefit to you:  If you want your kids to grow up to be responsible, contributing members of society then don't enable them by doing their chores.  Kids who help at home also learn valuable skills that help them stand head and shoulders above others in the world of work. They will always be the first hired and last fired because they know how to problem solve and be part of a team.  Isn't that a legacy you would like your children to inherit? 


 5. Has your family always had pets? Yes, and we consider them as part of the family. We all take full responsibility and offer them the famous five freedoms that Temple Grandin speaks about in “Animals Make Us Human”:

  • Freedom from hunger and thirst
  • Freedom from discomfort
  • Freedom from pain, injury, or disease
  • Freedom to express normal behavior
  • Freedom from fear and distress
  • and the one we add is
  • Freedom to have a good death and memorial

Benefit to you: Everyone who takes full responsibility for their pet is doing the right thing.  Pets will teach you and every member of your family life lessons like: loyalty, unconditional love, comfort and how to protect those you love.  What you give to your pet comes back a thousand times over.


  1. What is your background that qualifies you to do this work?

We invite you to read the about section to learn more about us as individuals. Be assured that we do not take this endeavor lightly. We combine a lifetime of learning and education into a venue to share the amazing stories of the bond between animals and humans. Since starting this exciting venture, we have become influencers and are considered experts in the world of animal advocacy.

Benefit to you: You want to do business with those you like, trust and know.  We are very open, approachable and friendly.  We are not on a pedestal, we are on a walking path with our pets.  You will resonate with us, we hope.  If not, that is okay too.  Life is too short to try to impress anyone.


  1. How can I share a story of my own connection to a beloved pet?   If you would just like to contribute a short anecdote about the animal human connection please send it to judy@ILovePetStories.com with PET STORY in the subject line. Doing so signifies that you are allowing us to publish it and you will receive neither renumeration nor royalties. You will be able to direct people to that site to read your story.

Or… because we own www.ArtichokePress.com and frequently ghost write and publish memoirs Judy has a special package on her Pet Grief Coach page at www.DeathofmyPet.com to interview, record, transcribe and publish a Pet Memoir or TailTribute Book. This is a wonderful gift for someone you know who is either actively grieving or having anticipatory grief over the loss of a beloved pet.

Benefit to you: We frequently have contests and drawings for those who want to share stories, photos or comments.  Everyone of us has a dozen stories of fun things that our dog or cat did that needs to be shared with other pet lovers.  We have a new book coming soon about "How Your Pet Got Their Name"  Did that ignite a spark of creativity?  Come on, share your story.


  1. We have a wonderful product for animals. How do we get you to market it? Use the contact form on AnimalHumanConnection.info and tell us about it. We do reviews on our blog as well as video reviews for your blog or site. We can assist you in getting your product on Amazon if that is the direction you want to go. We can also arrange to have investors (think Shark Tank) take a look and they can work with you directly. We are excellent connectors and know many, many, people who know even more people. We are also honest and want to see others succeed.

Benefit to you:  We belong to a number of high level and expensive mentoring and collaborative animal awareness groups.  When we bring a product or program to you, be assured that it has been vetted and reviewed  throughly.  We are in a unique situation where we know people who know people who know people who might want your product. 


  1. How do I find out more about being a Pet Grief Coach?   As the number of families and individuals become caring pet owners and partners, there is a growing need for those of us who know how they feel because we have felt the same way when our pets died.  This is program that will give you tools to add to your current animal advocacy or use this as a full time occupation.   Take a look at deathofmypet.com and check under FAQ there. We are starting a certification process in the fall of 2016 and would love to have you be in one of our first classes.

Benefit to you: Since Judy  has been doing this work unofficially she has seen what an untapped and hurting audience is looking for someone who can assist them on a healing journey.  She is working to engage a staff and write a curriculum that can be used all over the world.  Stay tuned.  If you are kind, compasionate and have traveled this road before, this may be the career you have been waiting for.


  1. How do I get interviewed on your AnimalHuman Connection radio show blogtalkradio.con/auntieartichoke and featured on the podcasts for iTunes? Contact us with the contact form on the site. Our assistant will be in touch and get you on the schedule. When you check out the great interviews in the archives, will you please subscribe and follow us? ITunes loves those who have followers and we love those who follow us.

Benefit to you: If you have a message to share, information to teach or a product to introduce to animal advocates, let us know. We have a good following on the show and more listeners on the iTunes podcasts.  Use the contact form on this site and let us know your subject and we will be in touch with you.  Please be aware that you will be expected to help publicize your interview to your followers.  Can't wait to hear what you have to say.  You will get an mp3 recording for your website. Some interview subjects have had the recording transcribed and now have a report to share with their followers.


PS:  You are reading this because you have been drawn here because you resonate with the message of Animal Human Connection, so be sure you keep in touch with us.  We want to be in our "pack" and have you be in our.  Join us today, and you will always be grateful you did.

Thanks, Judy & Dwain, Rosie & Focus

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