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Continued…Why Are Cat Shows So Popular?

Remember when we were talking about why cat shows are so popular earlier this week? Well, here is a continuation of that conversation and why you may want to go and check out one for yourself. 

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Who Created The World’s First Cat Show

You may be wondering who put on the first cat show and for what purpose. John Malone answered this question in his book, “The 125 Most Asked Questions About Cats (And The Answers)”, writing that it was a British cat enthusiast, Harrison Weir in 1871, and he held it at Crystal Palace in London. The first significant cat show to pop in the United States happened ten years later in New York City at the G.B. Bunnell Museum.

This setting included both a theme of learning  and amusement and has continued to be the style of cat shows. These types of venues can help people to understand and be entertained by the variety and beauty of our furry critters in a peaceful and humane way. In a world that has a history and practice of cruelty towards animals for entertainment purposes, cat shows are an important icon for a healthy example of animal to human interaction.

Kinds of Breeds Allowed In Cat Shows

M??t professional cat shows ?r? sponsored b? clubs affiliated w?th th? Cat Fanciers Association (CFA), ?n international club that’s dedicated t? th? recognized breeds ?nd w?ll b??ng ?f cats. Malone explains that there are three types of categories your feline could fall under in order to participate in a show.  The first category is a natural breed, felines considered to have evolved without human involvement, such as, the Main coon or the Siamese.

‘Natural breeds’ still require pedigree papers, if you do not want your feline to be put into the informal house pet category. The other category option is hybrid breeds, such as, the Himalayan, a cross between two natural breeds, the Siamese and the Persian. Overtime, hybrid breeds can become established breeds, such as, with the Burmese cat.

Even though there are strict regulations as to what makes up a purebred cat, you always have the option to put your feline into the informal house pet category. While many newer hybrids not yet recognized by CFA are put here, it still allows room for your unique kitty to take part.

This is a great opportunity to appreciate cats from all walks of life, no matter their lack of pedigree papers. Another reason I believe cat shows are so popular, for they display and celebrate all the varieties and colors of felines that exist in this wildly diverse world. People  learning to appreciate diversity in animals, helps to promote an appreciation for diversity found in the human form as well.

Looking to Buy a Purebred?

Sh?uld ??u choose t? purchase ? kitten fr?m ? breeder ?t th? show, ??u w?ll find m?n? beautiful color varieties ?nd temperaments ?n felines t? choose fr?m th?t ?r? ?f champion bloodlines. B? prepared t? pay substantially m?r? f?r ?n? ?f th??? royal beauties, ?? ? champion purebred cat ??n cost ?n?wh?r? fr?m $500 USD ?n up.

Y?u w?ll know, however, th?t ??u ?r? g?tt?ng th? b??t ?f th? b??t ?n th? type ?f cat th?t ??u choose. Y?u w?ll ?l?? h?v? ?n investment ?n ? cat th?t ?? show quality th?t ??u ??n raise t? b? ? future champion ?r f?r breeding purposes. B? ?ur? th?t ??u don’t g?t caught u? ?n wanting ? cat, but th?t ??u ??n commit t? th? lifetime ?f th?t animal ?nd th? care ?t requires.

The Fun of Show Cats

The popularity of show cats expands beyond your typical CFA cat show. They also exist in film and on the web. The Parade newspaper magazine highlighted some of the world’s most beloved show biz cats dating all the way back to 1919, with Felix the Cat, known as one of the first animated figures. One of the most current famous kitty is known as, Grumpy Cat, who started in 2012 on the internet, and has gone on to appear on the small screen.  All these iconic cats have unique looks and personalities, just like our furry friends in real life. Their popularity is most likely due to the fact that they remind us of the endearing qualities animals possess and why we love them so much.

Visit Your Local Cat Show

B? ?ur? t? visit a cat show sponsored b? th? CFA ?nd ??? wh?t surprises await ??u ?n th? cat world. I hope ??u enjoy showing ??ur cats ?? mu?h ?? I do. Y?u m?? find th?t ?n?? ??u h?v? b??n t? ? f?w shows, ??u w?nt t? g?t m?r? involved, ?u?h ?? stewarding f?r th? judges, clerking ?nd keeping scores.

At ?v?r? cat show, ?t ?? v?r? mu?h appreciated ?f ??u ?r? ?bl? t? h?l? pack u? ?t th? ?nd ?f th? day. Th?? job ?? u?u?ll? left f?r th? ??m? small bunch ?f devoted people, ?nd th??r day w?uld b? m?d? mu?h easier ?f th?? ??uld g?t ??m? assistance from an animal lover like yourself.

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