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Caring For Your Beloved Pet – How Far Will You Go!

This post was shared with me by a mutual friend. She and I got talking at the SuperZoo Convention that was held recently in Las Vegas. Perhaps this is a question you have had about caring for your beloved pet- How far will you go to preserve the health and well-being of your best friend?

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You love your pets! How far would you go to protect, save and give them a great life? Tell us your story @

Dear Judy, M? love ?nd passion f?r animals – C?n I t?ll ??u h?w ?t ?ll started b??k ?n th? 1980’s?

A darling Pomeranian puppy w?? g?v?n t? m? f?r m? 30th birthday. I named h?m Tiamo. I wanted h?m t? kn?w “I love you” ?v?r? time I ???d h?? n?m? ?v?n th?ugh ?t w?? ?n Italian. H? taught m? h?w t? love ?nd adore animals. Ev?n th?ugh I h?d adopted tw? cats ? f?w years earlier, Tiamo w?? th? 7-pound w?nd?r th?t opened m? heart.

I learned wh?t ?t meant t? b? responsible f?r ? Pet; th? “parental” duties ?t t??k t? b? ?n excellent pet owner. Th? unconditional love I experienced w?? priceless. M? heart grew bigger ?nd bigger f?r dogs, cats, ?ll pets!

I started t? notice animals ?n m?n? levels. I ?v?n started t? follow ? vegetarian diet, wh??h leads t? ? vegan diet ?ll b???u?? I ??uld n?t eat animals b???u?? I connected w?th th?m ?n m? heart. ( I h?v? n?w learned t? integrate m?r? animal protein ?nt? m? diet).

Unfortunately, I needed t? h?l? Tiamo pass ?n wh?n h? w?? ?nl? 13 years old. Th?t ?? ?n th? younger side f?r ? small dog. H? h?d ? collagen disease wh??h compromised h?? cartilage; th?? m?d? h?m age faster th?n normal. H?? body started t? ‘give out’. It inspired m? t? pay attention t? th? health ?f m?n? ?nd ?th?r people’s pets. E??????ll? wh?t w?? ?n th? food th?? ate. Animals n??d ?ur pure attention. I learned w? ?ll n??d t? educate ?ur??lv?? th? b??t w? can.

I ?t?ll h?d m? tw? cats ?nd ?n?th?r pom (that w? adopted fr?m ? Pomeranian rescue). Time moved forward, ?nd I noticed I b???m? v?r? involved ?n th? animal world. Dog sitting, dog walking, rescuing, helping animals find ? home, learning ?b?ut b?tt?r foods, h?w corn ?nd ?th?r fillers w?r? put ?nt? pet food, etc.

M? caring ?nd compassion ?r? f?r ?ll living th?ng? b???m? m?r? ?nd m?r? apparent.

I h?v? b??n working massage ?nd bodywork, ??n?? 1983. Th??? (massage ?nd animals) tw? passions ???m?d t? weave ?n ?nd ?ut ?f ???h other. I noticed th?t people started t? rely ?n m? f?r “answers” ?r connecting th?m ?nd building community f?r animals. Th? Holistic care ?f humans ?nd animals ???m?d t? compliment ?n? another.

Animal Activist and Animal Advocate

Communities started t? ??? m? l?k? ?n animal activist ?n th? early 2000’s. Th?? surprised me, but I gladly opened u? t? it. I w?? ?u?t d??ng wh?t w?? ?n m? heart f?r th??? sweet creatures th?t couldn’t speak u? f?r themselves. Teaching ?nd working ?n m? massage ?nd bodywork practice, I ?l?? started personally t? develop ? conscious touch f?r animals, n?m?l? dogs ?nd cats. I thought ?f I ??n d? ?t w?th humans, wh? n?t th? animals? Animals ?r? ??tu?ll? l??? resistant ?nd m?r? open t? th? energy exchange.

N?w ?n 2011, m? partner ?nd I h?v? ? Golden Retriever/Labrador mix wh? ?? 16 years ?ld ?nd ? Chocolate Labrador wh? ?? ??x years old; b?th rescues. W? adopted Moki, th? Golden wh?n ?h? w?? 7ish. Th?t ?? ? story f?r ?n?th?r time. Kona, th? Chocolate Lab w?? ?b?ut ??x weeks ?ld wh?n w? rescued h?r fr?m ? family th?t couldn’t k??? her. W? h?v? g?v?n b?th ?f th?m ? v?r? loving FOREVER home. Th?? ?r? part ?f ?ur family ?nd ??n??d?r th?m ?n ?ll th?t w? do.

In th? ???t year, I decided ?t w?? time f?r m? t? g?t ?ut ?n th? world m?r? w?th Pets, th??r people, ?nd th? animal world. In 2008, m? partner ?nd I moved t? Southern California ?nd needed ? support team f?r ?ur dogs ?nd us. B??ng ?n Earthquake territory ?nd n?t ?lw??? b??ng ?t home w?th th?m thr?ugh?ut th? day, w? developed ? PET EMERGENCY TEAM ?n ?ur neighborhood, wh??h h?? n?w expanded t? th? track ?f homes w? live ?n Long Beach, Ca.

W? ?r? ?t?ll building u??n th?? concept, ?nd ?t ?? working well.

W? ?ll h?v? ?n unforeseen crisis th?t spring up, ?nd ?t ?? wise t? h?v? ? plan. D? ??u h?v? ? plan ?n order? I ??n n?t encourage ??u enough! W? h?v? ? large plastic container w?th extra dog food, blankets, water, water bowls, treats, ?nd meds.

Pet Food Made of Pure Ingredients

D?d ??u kn?w th?t CORN ??n affect ??ur animal’s skin ?nd coat? D??? ??ur dog h?v? allergies, skin ?r coat issues? Check th? ingredients. Tr? ?n NO-GRAIN food. It w?ll m??t l?k?l? vanish. M? vet h?d m? one-year-old, Kona, ?n antibiotics thr?? d?ff?r?nt times ?n ?n? year! I changed h?r food ?nd th? skin problem disappeared ?nd h?r n??d f?r meds. Check ??ur food ?nd kn?w wh?t ingredients ?r? ?n th? product.

Dogs ?nd cats ?r? highly allergic t? corn ?nd ?th?r grain filler ?n commercial foods. M?n? Pet Foods bulk ?t u? w?th starchy fillers. A protein filler ??n b? chicken beaks, chicken wings, bones, etc. N?t th? actual meat ?f th? animal stated ?n th? food. Liver ?? ?k ?? long ?? th?? ?r? organic. If ??u ??? “animal digest” ?n th? label ?? part ?f th? ingredients, beware. Th?? ??n m??n th?r? ?r? rendered “diseased ?r dead” animals ?n there. Dead ?f course, but meaning th?t th?? ??uld b? pets th?t h?v? b??n euthanized ?t th? shelter.

M? love f?r animals deepens ?v?r? day. I h?l? people ?ll ?v?r th? country t? feel m?r? connected t? th??r animals, educate ?b?ut Pets ?nd ?v?n h?l? w?th finding f?r?v?r homes f?r them. A woman ?ll th? w?? ??r??? th? continent, ?n CT, wrote ?nd asked m? wh?t ?h? ??uld d? ?b?ut people dropping unwanted cats ?t th??r barn. I gave h?r ??m? suggestions th?t inspired h?r and, yes; ?h? f?und th?m homes. Th?t ?? ? great feeling t? b? ?bl? t? inspire, h?l? people ?nd find solutions.

PS: The great news I had to share with her and with you was about a new company that offers customized nutrition for each individual pet.  Our team at Animal Human Connection has investigated this company closely and are proud to associate with them. Please check out the information at    and join our team.  You will be so glad you did.

Judy Helm Wright, Intuitive Wise Woman and Pet Grief Coach

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1 Comment

  1. Jana Rade

    October 22, 2016 at 9:23 am

    We tend to go as far as our dogs need. Their interest is what drives our efforts.

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