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Is Your Beloved Pet Getting Older? What He/She Wants You To Know (EXPERT)

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Some of you may not be aware that I (Judy Helm Wright) am a certified coach.  I am trained in relationships, parenting and hospice.  So, of course, it is a natural talent and skill to be a Pet Grief Coach.

What is a Pet Grief Coach?

Like many of you, I have experienced grief, loss and death in the family.  My grieving processes have included many beloved pets as well as friends and family. I will walk with you on this path back to a sense of wholeness.  We will honor all seasons of life shared with your pet.  I will stand as a witness to your pain, not as a counselor or therapist, but as a loving guide and mentor.

You will find a “safe spot to land,” a great sounding board and an accountability coach. I want to watch your back and be in your corner.

To purchase coaching packages, art work, books, courses or products or to connect with me, Please go to or call 406.549.9813

You will always be glad that you were drawn to this work and to these sites.  You are invited to join our community of kind, thoughtful people who want respect for all creatures.

Although I am an Intuitive Wise Woman, I am not an Animal Communicator.  However, when I read this poem, it struck me that this is exactly what our animals would tell us if they could only speak.

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As our beloved animals and pets leave for their last great adventure over the Rainbow Bridge, this is what they would tell us if only they could speak. I love you, always remember me.



When My Time Comes… If I Could speak… 

Written from the perspective of A beloved furred friend..

Copyright © 2016 Pj Patty

When my time comes, if I could speak,
if you hear me, listen when I become weak. 
Please know life’s been good, but it’s ok to let go;
These will be words that from my heart flow.
 Hold me close, feel my love, speak with me.
Let me rest in your arms as my soul soars free.
I can no longer fight, my time has come.
Stay with me please, until I’m gone. We’ve shared a journey, we’ve shared the best,
but now I am so tired; I need eternal rest.
My wagging tail slows, my heart will cease;
no pain, no suffering; I’ll be at peace. I’ve lived a full life, I’ve felt so much
cuddles, warm hugs and a tender touch.
Remember always the love we shared; 
when you touch your heart, know I’ll be there.My body may rest ‘neath the Dogwood Tree,
among the stars of Heaven my soul will be.
Speak to me, whether night or day.
I’ll always listen, I’ll hear what you say.
I’ll watch over you till your time comes;
there’ll be a day that your work’s done.
Just find the Bridge at Rainbow’s end;
I’ll meet you there, my dearest friend.


PS: Thank you for loving and advocating for animals and pets. You are a special person and one that we would like to hang out with in our Facebook group at  

Be sure and comment and tell us about you and your beloved pets.


Judy Helm Wright, Author, Influencer and Intuitive Wise Woman

Judy Helm Wright, Pet Grief Coach, consultation, call today at 406.549.9813 for free consultation

Judy Helm Wright, Pet Grief Coach. Allow me to walk with you on your road to healing. Call today for a free consultation at 406.549.9813



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