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7 Reasons Why People Bond with Their Pet

pet bond

If you are like our family, you consider the pets part of “tribe.”  There are 7 main reasons why we bond so securely with our fur-friends and pets.

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Deep Connection With Pets

Pet owners across the globe love to have dogs and cats, which they often refer to as their family members or best friends. In fact, majority of pet pet bondowners are more attached to their pets as they are to their kids, spouse or best friends.

Whether you think such pet owners are a little fanatical or you can relate with them, the recent studies reveal that having a strong relationship with pets can actually give them numerous benefits, through enhancing their mental and physical health and keeping their waist lines slim.

There are many reasons why people bond with their pets and some of them are as follows:

Pet Owners Feel Much Healthier with Their Pets Around

Pet owners who play with their pets are much healthier because of the received benefits from having a loving and strong relationship with their cat or dog. If you’re a pet owner, think about every little thing your pet does for you as a companion who loves you unconditionally. Also, think about how you show your appreciation. If you’re not showing enough appreciation with love and exercise, you might be missing out on some great advantages of a strong human-pet bond.

Bonding with Your Pet Can Enhance Your Psychological and Emotional State of Being

Having a strong relationship with your pet may help you cope during tough times. Treating your pet as your best friend can be a good help during your challenging and emotional times or whenever you’re feeling lonely.

We have heard many stories of people who were depressed and a pet rescued them.

Pets Are Great for Your Health and for Your Family Members Like Kids

Get closer to your pets through spending more time with them as well as get healthier simultaneously. In a research, it was suggested that relationship with pets may lower your heart disease risk, get rid of using family doctor services, and decrease the risk of allergies and asthma in young kids. In a study, kids with relationship with their pets help them in making friends and enhances their relationship with other members of the family.

Bonding with Pets Can Help You Improve Your Mood and Lose Weight

Bonding with your pets through treating them for a long walk or play time outside. This is a good way of showing affection and you will find your pet motivating you to keep moving forward. Walking around with your dog can also give you a less stressful life.

Bonding with Your Pets Makes a Less Stressful Life

Building a strong relationship with your pet can actually offer you numerous benefits. One of these is that it can make your life free from so much stress. Cancer and other patients with life-threatening diseases often share with us at about how just snuggling with their pet can ease the pain.

Pets Can Help You Think Positive

One of the reasons why pet owners bond with their pets is because they can help them think positive about their lives, which makes them keep moving no matter how hard the situation they are facing. There is nothing like laughing about a dog chasing a Frisbee in the park.

Bonding with Pets Can Lower Cholesterol

According to studies, bonding with pets can make pet owners feel good because their body release hormones like serotonin whenever they are around with their pets.

The key to achieve a beneficial relationship is being able to concentrate on your pet with attention and love. Spending some of your time to play and exercise with them can create a healthy and strong relationship.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Donyell

    August 8, 2016 at 9:13 am

    I have a special bond with my pets, especially my dog Duke. Sometimes my fiancé will get jealous haha This was a nice read! 

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