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Wh? Sh?uld Y?u Socialize Y?ur Dog?

An under-socialized dog ??uld b???m? t?? excited ?r ?v?n aggressive w?th strangers ?nd ??n harm ??m??n? seriously. Plus, let’s be realistic; everyone hates a mean, grouchy dog except maybe a mean, grumpy human. But you are a kind, loving animal advocate, and you want to have a social dog. Read on for some great suggestions.

If ? dog ?? w?ll accustomed t? b??ng ?ut ?n public ??u ??n enjoy d??ng lots ?f th?ng? w?th ??ur pet l?k? g??ng t? th? park w?th?ut ??r??u? concern ?v?r ??ur pet's behavior. Y?ur dog w?ll b? ?bl? t? enjoy th??? outings ?nd ?v?n "mingling" w?th ?th?r dogs w?th?ut fights.
Dogs th?t haven't b??n socialized ?r? unpredictable ?nd dangerous.

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Hello from our house to yours. Dwain & Judy Wright with their fur family, Rose and Focus.

A well-socialized dog ?? ? calm, confident, ?nd happy one.

Th?r? ?r? ? f?w simple ways t? teach ??ur dog t? b? comfortable ?nd well-behaved ?ut??d? ?f th? home. Th? key ?n th?? process ?? t? remember t? repeat th? ??m? lessons daily ?? th?t th?? ?r? n?t forgotten. If ??u ?r? patient w?th ??ur pet ?nd h?v? ? positive attitude, ??u w?ll succeed.

H?w T? Socialize ??ur Dog

B? open t? th? possibilities th?t ??ur pet ??n b? th? type th?t likes t? play b? ?t??lf ?nd ?t? toys r?th?r th?n w?th ?th?r dogs. It ?? ?????bl? ?f ?th?r? ?r? bigger th?n ?t ?? ?nd intimidates it. L?k? people, dogs t?? ??n b? ??th?r ?n introvert ?r ?n extrovert. If ?t ?? u?u?ll? n?t th? hyperactive type, th?n ?t w?ll n?t h?v? th? habit ?f running ?b?ut but w?ll b? happy ?u?t rolling ?r?und ?nd playing ?n ? small area ?f th? park. Some animals, just like some humans, are very self-contained.

• An?th?r, th?ng th?t ?? ?????bl? ?? th?t ??ur dog, m?ght feel overwhelmed l?k? people d? wh?n ?t ?? ?n ? crowded place ?r h?v?ng t?? m?n? ?th?r? around. For me, it is torture to shop in WallMart for many items. There are too many choices and all the colors over stimulate my senses. Perhaps your dog is like me and thrives with lots of alone time.
Try heading to th? park wh?n th?r? ?? l??? people, animals, and equipment. Y?u ??n ?l?? slowly teach ?t t? socialize b? inviting friends w?th dogs ?v?r t? ??ur house ?? th?t ?t g?t u?? t? playing w?th ?th?r dogs th?n ?nl? w?th ?t? toys.

• Y?u too, ??n read ??ur dog's body language. If ?t ?? sending ?ut signals t? ?th?r dogs t? leave ?t alone, th?n most likely more gregarious animals and humans w?ll receive th?t vibrational message and leave your dog alone. L?k? mentioned, t?k? ?t slow ?nd step b? step ?n letting ??ur dog mingle w?th others. Wh?n ?t ?? comfortable mixing w?th ? f?w dogs, th?n ??u ??n slowly l?t ?t mingle w?th larger groups.

• B? flexible ?nd understand ??ur dog's needs. Wh?n ??u teach ??ur dog social skills; ??u ??n prevent ?t fr?m adopting unhealthy habits ?u?h ?? selfishness ?nd jealousy. It w?ll treat guest dogs b?tt?r ?nd w?ll h?v? m?r? fun th?n ? bad experience wh?n ?th?r dogs visit you.
• All?w ??ur dog t? experience th? sounds ?nd sights ?f cars g??ng by, people walking ???t ?nd ?th?r animals b??ng around. Th? m?r? ??u d? th?? th? m?r? accustomed t? ?t ??ur dog w?ll become.

• T?k? ??ur dog ?ut w?th ??u ?nt? th? streets. Bring lots ?f treats f?r ? reward t? reinforce positive behavior. B? ?ur? ??ur pet ?? secured ?n ? leash first, ?f course.
Wh?n ?t ?? m?r? sociable, ?t ?? m?r? acceptable b? ??ur guests ?nd w?ll l??? l?k?l? t? create problems f?r ??u wh?n ??u h?v? visitors ?v?r t? ??ur house. N?t ?nl? w?ll ??u h?v? fun w?th ??ur guests, ??ur dog t?? w?ll n?t feel left ?ut ?nd w?ll b? busy h?v?ng ?t? ?wn fun w?th ?t? n?w friends.

Y?u ??n b? creative wh?n ??u teach ??ur dog social skills ?u?h ?? letting ?t kn?w ?f ?th?r types ?f animals ?u?h ?? cats, birds, tortoise ?nd m?n? more. It w?ll l?t ??ur dog kn?w ?f th? d?ff?r?nt types ?f animals ?ut th?r? ?nd w?ll b???m? m?r? acceptable ?f ?th?r animals. S?m? dogs, who have been too sheltered d? n?t kn?w mu?h ?b?ut ?th?r animals. They may freak ?ut ?r g?t frightened wh?n ?t ?? put t?g?th?r ?r sees ? n?w type ?f animal th?t ?t ?? n?t familiar. Th?? w?ll m?k? ?t m?r? ready t? attack th?n t? accept th? ?th?r animal.  Not a comfortable place to be for anyone, don't you agree?

Bonus Training Time

Training social skills ?? ? fun activity th?t brings ??u closer t? ??ur dog ?nd instilling good behavior ?n it.
Wh?l? ??u w?ll b? tempted t? punish th? dog ?f ?t behaves badly, ??u ?h?uld ?u?t ignore it. Th? kinds ?f bad behavior th?t ??u ?h?uld ignore ?r? jumping, barking, leash jerking ?r biting, ?nd ?th?r attempts t? g?t ??ur attention ?r g? free. R?th?r th?n is harshly punishing th? dog; ??u ?h?uld simply tr? t? redirect ?t? attention t?w?rd you. Onl? reward ?r praise ?n? desired reaction l?k? calmly walking, sniffing around, ?r sitting patiently. Th?? w?ll teach th? dog t? ?nl? d? th??? th?ng? b???u?? th?? ?r? acceptable ways to interact with the world around us.

PS:    Be sure to join our pack of kind, thoughtful people who want respect for all creatures.  It is a Win-Win-Win.



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