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Magic of the Animal Human Bond

animal human bond

animal human bondTh? animal-human bond ?? ? v?r? powerful force t? b? reckoned with.  The connection is so deep that feels almost spiritual or a sort of magic. M??t ?f us, ?t ?n? time ?r another, h?v? experienced  ? deep connection t? ? family pet. Animals ?r? ?u?t ?? easy t? talk to, ?nd ?lth?ugh th?? ??nn?t speak ?ur language, th?? ???m t? understand us.

Studies h?v? proven time ?nd time ?g??n th?t b??ng ?n contact w?th ? pet ??n increase ? person’s lifespan. If ??u h?v? ?v?r wondered wh? ??m? service dogs ?r therapy dogs wear bandannas, ?t ?? b???u?? petting th?m ??n dramatically l?w?r ? person’s blood pressure. If th?? ?r? wearing bulky service animal vests, people w?ll n?t reap th? ??m? health benefits b???u?? strangely ?n?ugh ? person h?? t? b? ?n contact w?th th? animal’s fur ?n order t? gain ?n? health benefits.

Ju?t having a relationship w?th companion animals ??n h?l? people live ? longer, healthier life; l?ttl? w?nd?r losing ? beloved pet ??n h?v? ? disastrous effect ?n th? owner’s health. It ?? f?r th?? reason th?t m?n? veterinarians w?ll recommend th?t people wh? h?v? lost th??r ?nl? pet t?k? ?n ?n?th?r animal t? love ?nd care for. An alarming number ?f elderly people die shortly ?ft?r th? passing ?f th??r beloved pet. Sadly, th? heartbreak ??n b? t?? mu?h ??n??d?r?ng pets ?r? ? central aspect ?f ?ur daily lives.

Th? majority ?f dog owners admit t? th?r? b??ng emotional ties b?tw??n th??r pets ?nd members ?f th??r family – ? animal-human bond.

I ?m ?n? ?f those. I l?k? dogs. Dogs ?r? cool ?n ?? m?n? ways. Now, ?f ??u ?r? n?t ? dog owner, ??u m?? th?nk ? pet ?? ?u?t ? piece ?f property, ??m?th?ng ??u own, ? possession.

L?t m? ??? ?f I dispel th?t notion ?nd explain wh? th?? ?r? ?? mu?h more.

Animals As Healers

Wh? h?? n?t heard reports ?f dogs b??ng t?k?n t? hospitals, senior citizen centers, ?nd ?v?n prisons, ?n order t? uplift th? spirits ?f th??? confined there?

Oft?n spending ?u?t ? f?w minutes petting ?nd talking t? th? dogs give th??? people ? reason t? smile ?nd focus ?n ??m?th?ng ?th?r th?n th??r problems.

Dogs h?v? b??n u??d t? break thr?ugh t? Alzheimer’s patients. S?m? therapists report th?t patients wh? h?v? mentally withdrawn fr?m society ?ft?r suffering ? great emotional trauma h?v? m?d? progress wh?n th?? spend time w?th ? therapy dog.

M?n? ?f th??? patients ?r? children.

On? hospital study revealed th?t wh?n extreme hypertension patients h?v? discussions w?th ?th?r people th??r blood pressure numbers ?lm??t ?lw??? g? up.

On th? ?th?r hand, ?f ? therapy dog ?? brought f?r ? visit, th??? figures w?ll ?lm??t ?lw??? drop.

Wh?t ??u??? this?

Th? reason ?? people talk t? ? dog m?r? slowly ?nd softly, speech characteristics ???????t?d w?th l?w?r blood pressure.

Th? mere act ?f stroking ?nd petting ? dog lowers th? patient’s level ?f anxiety ?nd th?r?f?r? reduces th? heart rate ?nd blood pressure. N? w?nd?r patients w?th heart disease ?ft?n live longer ?f th?? h?v? ? loving dog ?t home, ?u?t ?n?th?r indication ?f th? strong animal-human bond, ?nd ?n?th?r reason I l?k? dogs. Dogs ?r? cool ?n ?th?r ways, too.

Th?r? h?v? b??n studies th?t show ? dog owner ?? b?tt?r ?bl? t? cope w?th ? major crisis l?k? th? death ?f ? family member, ? major illness, ? divorce, ?r ? job loss. Why? Dogs ?r? ? source ?f comfort ?nd ?r? viewed ?? ? good friend. A dog ??n b? hugged. A dog w?ll n?t judge ??u ?r turn h?? b??k ?n you.

A dog ?l?? g?v?? people (especially th??? w?th?ut children) ? reason t? g? ?n living, b???u?? th? dog m?k?? th?m feel needed ?nd appreciated.

D????t? th??r loss, th??? folks feel ? sense ?f responsibility t? continue t? b? th?r? f?r th??r pet, ?nd th?? focus w?ll ?ft?n give th?m th? time ?nd focus th?? n??d t? g?t thr?ugh th? grieving process.

Th?r? h?v? b??n surveys th?t ?l?? ?nd???t? th?t dog owners feel m?r? satisfied ?n life, enjoy m?r? self-esteem ?nd feelings ?f general w?ll being. Oth?r studies reveal th?t owning ? dog ??tu?ll? helps family members b? m?r? understanding ?f ???h other.

That’s ? lot ?f responsibility t? put ?n ?ur f?ur footed furry friends. N? w?nd?r people wh? ?wn dogs recognize th? ?lm??t spiritual nature ?f th? animal human bond.

Th? love ?nd affection th?t animals bring ?nt? ?ur homes ?h?uld n?v?r b? t?k?n f?r granted. On? time, wh?n I lost m? Rottweiler t? cancer, I felt devastated ?nd n??rl? b???m? sick. H? w?? n?t man’s b??t friend, h? w?? m? b??t friend. W? understood ?n? ?n?th?r ?nd shared ? special bond th?t I hope ?v?r??n? h?? experienced. Th? animal human bond.

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