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Looking For A New Pet? How About A Beagle?

Beagles make great companions

You have many choices wh?n l??k?ng f?r ? n?w family pet. Much depends on your family situation as well as housing concerns. If you are looking for a new pet, how about the beagle?

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but ?f ??u h?v? ? young family th?n ? beagle m?? b? th? b??t choice for a pet.  They are such great family forever  pets.

Wh?t Y?u N??d t? Kn?w ?b?ut Beagles

Th?? Ar? Fun

Beagles ?r? ?n? ?f th? b??t dogs f?r kids b???u?? th?? ?r? fun t? have. Th?? h?v? plenty ?f energy ?? th?? w?ll b? ?bl? t? k??? ?v?n w?th th? m??t active child. Th?? w?ll k??? ?n playing ?nd running f?r ?? long ?? ??u do. N?th?ng m?k?? ? beagle happier th?n h?v?ng playtime w?th ??u ?r ??ur family. Th? beagle ?? ? happy dog ?nd th? happiness ?? v?r? contagious. Y?u w?ll t?k? ? l??k ?t ??ur beagle's face ?nd kn?w th?t th?? ?r? having a great time.

Beagles w?ll n?t necessarily play fetch, but th?? w?ll enjoy ?v?r? moment th?t ??u spend w?th th?m. They are just a great companion dog.

Th?y Howl

S? th? beagle's howl m?? n?t b? th? perfect apartment dog. Y?ur neighbors m?? n?t r??ll? enjoy th? howl, but ?f ??u h?v? ? house th?n th? howl ??n b? v?r? funny. Th?r? ?r? d?ff?r?nt loud noises wh??h ??u ??uld hear fr?m ? beagle. Th? f?r?t ?n? ?? th? ?n? wh?n th? beagle catches ? scent.

Th? howl ?? v?r? easy t? recognizes ?nd th?? w?ll happen wh?n ??u ?r? ?ut f?r ? walk ?r ?f ??u ?r? u??ng th? beagle t? hunt. Th? ????nd howl ?? th? play howl. Wh?n ??u play w?th ??ur beagle th??r howl m?? b? ? w?? t? communicate w?th you. Finally, th?r? ?? th? anxiety howl wh??h ??n happen wh?n left ?l?n? f?r t?? long (separation anxiety) ?r confronted w?th ? stressful situation.

N?t A Guard Dog

If ??u w?nt ? guard dog, th?n ??u ??n forget ?b?ut th? beagle. Wh?l? th? beagle m?? bark ?r howl wh?n ? stranger approaches, ?n??n? ??n win th? heart ?f th? beagle ???????ll? ?f th?? h?v? ??m? sort ?f treats f?r them. Th?? ?r? extremely friendly ?nd w?ll fall ?n love w?th ?ll friends th?t ??u bring ?nt? th? house. Th?r? rarely w?ll b? ?n? aggression ?n ? beagle's character, ?v?n wh?n th?? ?r? trained f?r hunting.

L?w Maintenance

Th? beagle ?? ? v?r? l?w maintenance dog. Th?? h?v? n? disease ?r structural problems wh??h th?? ?r? prone t? ?nd th?t means th?t ??u ??n expect th?m t? live ? long healthy life. Th?? ?l?? d? n?t n??d mu?h grooming th?nk? t? th??r short coat. Y?u d? n??d t? t?k? care ?f th??r ears, ?nd n?v?r l?t th?m ?ff th? leash ?ut??d? unl??? th?? ?r? w?ll trained. If th?? catch ?n unusual scent, th?n ??u w?ll h?v? ? hard time stopping them. Th?t ??n put th?m ?n danger ?? exercise caution.

Beagles w?nt t? b? w?th th??r humans. Th?? ?r? n?t dogs th?t ??n b? left ?n th? b??k yard f?r hours. Th?? n??d plenty ?f attention ?nd w?ll l?t ??u kn?w ?f ??u don't supply it. Soft floppy ears, brown soulful eyes, a heart that is full of love and loyalty for their fur-family ?nd ? nose f?r food. Wh?t kind ?f animal d??? th?? describe? Why, ? Beagle, ?f course.

Hope that you are a lucky Pet Partner of a Beagle. You will have a best friend for many years to come.

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Judy Helm Wright is an intuitive wise woman who was named “Auntie Artichoke” by the native women when she taught parenting and family relationship classes. She has authored over 20 books and hundreds of articles on the various aspects of relationships with all creatures, two-legged and four-legged.

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