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Let Sleeping Dogs Lie (EXPERT)

The old idiom of “Let Sleeping Dogs Lie” is said to be used as a warning. The idea is to warn someone they should not talk about a bad situation that most people have already forgotten about.

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Do dogs dream when they sleep? What is their favorite position for a nap? Do they sleep in your bed?

Last week we asked the question “Do Dogs Dream?”  The answer was yes.  Now, let’s discuss more about sleeping dogs and how they lie.

What are the Favored Positions ?f ? Sleeping Dog?

Th? sleeping position ?f ??ur dog tells ??u ? lot ?b?ut h?m ?r her. S?m? l?k? t? sleep ?n th??r stomachs, ?lm??t l?k? ?n ? “down” position. Th?? ?ll?w? th?m t? jump u? ?t th? slightest perceived threat ?r fact th?? m?? b? missing ?ut ?n wh?t ??u ?r? doing.

Oth?r? prefer sleeping ?n th??r side. Th?? ?? ? restful position. Y?ur dog ?? comfortable w?th th??r surroundings.

Th?n w? h?v? th? “Superdog” sleeper. Th?? choose sleeping stretched out, ?n th??r stomachs. Th?? l??k l?k? th?? ?r? flying. Th?? ?r? ?n ? restful sleep, but ready t? g? ?? ???n ?? th?? hear ??u move!

Curled up, But Alert

Th? m??t inherent position f?r sleeping ?? curling up. Y?u w?ll ??? th?? ?? ? favorite sleeping position ?f dogs k??t outdoors. Y?u w?ll find th?m curled u? ?nt? ? ball, w?th th??r paws und?r th??r body ?nd th??r tail wrapped ?r?und th??r face. It ?? th? l???t vulnerable ?nd l???t restful position f?r sleep. Th?? ?r? conserving body heat, protecting th??r limbs, face, throat ?nd vital organs. Th?? position g?v?? th?m th? advantage t? b? ?n th??r feet immediately. Th? dog’s muscles ?r? tense ?nd ready t? spring ?nt? action, ?f n??d be. Dogs th?t sleep ?n th?? position rarely relax ?n?ugh t? drift ?nt? th? REM stage.

Curling ?? th? normal sleeping position f?r wild dogs ?nd wolves packing together. It offers ? sleeping position f?r awareness u??n awakening ?? th??r senses ?r? heightened t? movements, sounds ?nd scents. Th?? conserve space ?n th? den; protect th??r offspring ?nd share body heat. Y?u w?ll notice ?v?n m??t domesticated puppies inherently curl u? t?g?th?r ?r ?r?und th??r mother.

Back Sleepers

Finally, w? h?v? wh?t l??k? th? “dead roach” position. Th?r? ?r? dogs th?t favor sleeping ?n th??r backs; w?th th??r legs ?n th? air, l??k?ng ?u?t l?k? ? dead cockroach! Th?? ?? th? position f?und ?nl? ?n ? v?r? secure ?nd confident indoor pet. Sleeping ?n th??r b??k ?? th? m??t vulnerable position f?r ? dog t? sleep. It ?? thought t? b? th? m??t comfortable ?nd m??t restful position. Plus, it’s ??ur dog’s w?? ?f cooling d?wn quickly. Indoor dogs th?t h?v? expended lots ?f energy and/or ?r? over-heated w?ll sleep ?n th??r backs.

Th? sleeping ?n th??r b??k position h?? n?t b??n observed ?? behavior exhibited b? dogs ?r wolves ?n th? wild. Dogs k??t outdoors w?ll n?t sleep ?n th?? position either. Th?? position sends ? message ?f vulnerability ?nd submission.

It ?h?uld b? noted, dogs sleeping ?n th??r backs w?th th??r paws “protecting” th??r chest ?r? indicating th?? prefer n?t t? b? bothered. U?? caution wh?n suddenly awakening ?n? dog sleeping ?n th?? position!

N?w th?t ??u kn?w m?r? ?b?ut wh?t g??? ?n wh?n ??ur dog sleeps, ??u w?ll h?v? ??m? insight ?b?ut th??r confidence ?nd sense ?f w?ll being. In addition, ?t w?ll give ??u ? clue ?f wh? ??ur dog behaves th? w?? ?t does, wh?n th?? ?r? awake.

In Bed With You

Bottom line: Comfort equals healthier, m?r? ?nd deeper sleep. Wh?t?v?r sleeping position ??ur dog prefers, m?k? ?ur? th??r sleeping accommodations ?r? safe ?nd comfortable. A dog  and the pet parent th?t ?? w?ll rested ?? generally healthier ?nd happier.

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